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Julienne Moore was born and raised in the city of San Francisco. She is a hair/makeup artist better known as Jumonae. Beginning her passion for creativity at the age of 12, which started with braiding hair in kitchens. Eventually grew into her earning her cosmetology license from Paul Mitchell Systems. Where she learned to expand her talents into makeup and hair.


In order to establish herself and chase her dreams she moved to New York City, “one of the fashion capitals in the world”. Starting at MAC Cosmetics, she grew into a freelance artist. By working behind the scenes at fashion week, print, TV/Film, and BET, her career began to take off expeditiously. Now she is working to build her social media presence by working with multiple beauty brands. In order to influence, educate and teach her fellow beauty lovers.


By utilizing herself and some clients as human canvases to create styles to broaden her creative personality.


Specializing in braids, weaves, colors, cuts, creative styling, makeup, and fashion looks. Her goal is to create a business to enhance tenured and new artists' creativity to think outside the box.

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